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There is a way to help you rid your home and family of lice. Licex is an all-natural, gentle solution that goes to work helping to rid you of your infestation in less than 60 minutes.Relief is here. Licex has been designed to kill all lice and their eggs and nits in one application, not combs, no nit picking. Licex's ingredients have been carefully chosen to create the strongest, most effective lice solution available.


The ingredients in Licex work by smothering, depressing, and killing the lice and nits that have infested your scalp.

Licex contains ingredients that actually kill the live crawling lice as well as penetrating the shell of the nits without using any harsh chemicals or pesticides. This means you do not have to spend hours combing or picking the nits out. There is no fear of the nits hatching and re-infesting your hair.

Licex is a two part system that helps you to get control over your lice problem and helps you to prevent lice from re-infesting.

PART ONE: Licex Delousing Solution is massaged into your scalp and hair. Allow it to sit on your hair and scalp for up to one hour. You are killing lice and nits WITHOUT any harsh fumes or chemicals.

The ingredients in Licex distress lice and nits, no matter what phase they are in. You don't have to remove the nits; they will come out in the next day to two days with regular wear and wash. That's it. The lice on your scalp are dead.

PART TWO: Licex Protectant Rinse is sprayed onto your scalp to prevent re-infestation. You can leave the Licex Protectant Rinse on your scalp for up to 3 days, or you can wash it 10 minutes after you have applied it.

We provide you with a generous bottle of Licex Protectant Rinse to use as often as you would like to prevent you and your family from contracting head lice from infected people.

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